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Havening Techniques® training*: After registration you will receive an invoice for the amount of € 795. After receiving your payment you will get access to all the online study material. After the training you are allowed to use the Havening Techniques in your practice. 
Havening Techniques® certification process*: You can sign-up for the certification process. After the certification process you are entitled to use the name Havening Techniques® on your website together with the Havening logo. You will also be registered on the directory of Havening Techniques. The costs for the certification process is € 400,- There is a yearly fee of $ 99,- (invoiced by Havening). Signing-up for the certification process is optional and can be decided upon at a later stage after the training. 
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  • This is an online training
  • After receiving payment for the training in full you will get login details to access and download of the ‘Havening Techniques Training Manual’ & bonus Havening video training and all the other materials. After giving access to the training material the training cannot be cancelled anymore. 
  • After receiving payment for the optional certification process you will get access to certification materials, such as test, forms and more.After giving access to the training material the training cannot be cancelled anymore. 
  • The participants who attended a previous Havening training will also be given the opportunity to be Havening Facilitators at a future training in the Netherlands.They need to be certified in order to be eligable.
  • The training is in the English language. You will receive a manual in the English language
  • Before getting access to the training material, you will be asked to sign a copyright statement that the intellectual property of the training material belongs to Havening Techniques®. 
  • It is not allowed to make photos, videos or audio recordings during the training.
  • You agree that your personal data is shared with Havening Techniques® and the teacher Stephen Travers
  • Furthermore our General Terms and Conditions are applicable.
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